206 Tools-Trade

The remit was to use something you don’t usually use for your Zentangle. As I’m also a cross stitch and blackwork chart designer (see my designs at Kincavel Krosses), I used my cross stitch design programme to create a chart. This is the result.

I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #206


24 thoughts on “Tools/Trade

  1. Oh I love that! I grew up in a house with lots of needle work and stitching! This really made me smile.It’s so nicely done and a fab idea!


  2. Now, do I understand this right…these are computer generated tangles? How cool is that! Very creative and a nice way to combine your passions.


    • I won’t be stitching this particular one, as the stitch symbols (which you see) are different from the actual stitches, and this design would be particularly jumbled and messy in practice But I may well create one that CAN actually be stitched…


  3. My 90 year old mother keeps telling me she’d like to embroider one of my ZIAs. Thanks for letting us know that these programs exist. If you do embroider one (I know, not this one), let us know! I’d love to see one.


    • Will do. I haven’t actually stitched anything myself in quite some time, but I am becoming more drawn to the idea the more I think about it. I might just freestyle some tangles on a 3.5″ square of fabric and see what happens. If I do, I will most certainly post the results here! 🙂


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