About Kell

23.01.15 - Almost victory rolesThis is me! I’m Mum to two gorgeous boys and wife to a handsome hubby, and we all live together in Northumberland on the north east coast of England. I adore many kinds of arts and crafts, but only came to Zentangle® and Zentangle® inspired art in February 2015 – I quickly became rather obsessed with the peaceful contentment that arises from creating abstract art work based on this method.

Kell’s Zentangle Zone is where I display the various Zentangle® inspired artworks I create, sometimes in the form of stationery, sometimes a page in my journal, but other times just art for art’s sake.

I hope you will enjoy perusing the pictures, and perhaps share your own by leaving a comment so I can visit your gallery when I get a moment.

Thanks for dropping by!

Edited to add:
A quick note on the Zendala Dare and Zentangle Weekly Challenges in which I take part. You’ll notice that for the most part they are in numerical order, but occasionally jump to a much higher number. This is because I am taking part in the new challenges as they are released every week, but in between those, I am going back and completing the older challenges starting from the very beginning. Eventually they will meet in the middle!

I am NOT a Zentangle® instructor, nor am I in any way affiliated with the owners of Zentangle® – I’m just a massive fan.


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